The first 100 Dashes 'o Canon!

In preparation for the first weekly Dash 'o Canon to appear here, I thought I'd collect the first 100 Dashes first. Next post I'll describe my process in choosing these things at random and walk through the creation of Dash #101. Enjoy!


1: Three years ago in a Malachan village, every child and animal born between the equinoxes was an albino. #TotLH #DDoC (Malachi, Mystery)

2: As a sign of their faith, most citizens of Al-Kef wear a looped braid of 3 cords somewhere upon their person. #TotLH #DDoC (Al-Kef, Religion)

3: The captain of Valmor's Wrath, a pirate operating around Nauticus, is the daughter of the deposed Coinlord Jarrus Davick. #TotLH #DDoC (Nauticus/Valmor, Mystery)

4: Al-Kef proverb: “When meeting a stranger, hear his words, but watch his hands.” #TotLH #DDoC (Al-Kef, Culture)

5: Triad services in Kohayne are conducted from the Duke’s Bridge, as the city’s shape makes it a natural amphitheater. #TotLH #DDoC (The Quad, Religion)

6: On moonless nights off the coast of Surem, pale lights can be seen moving below the surface of the water. #TotLH #DDoC (Surem, Mystery)

7: Tranquila Sesta, former Ambassador to Kao Mai, was a popular and celebrated author throughout the Sabrian Empire. #TotLH #DDoC (Sabrian Empire, Culture)

8(revised): The central pool in every temple to Hashema, Mother of Waters, must have an UNinterrupted connection to the sea. #TotLH #DDoC (Sabrian Empire, Religion)

9: By the Baron's order, once a year the flags in Hisvet fly at half-mast. No reason has ever been given for this order. #TotLH #DDoC (Hisvet, Mystery)

10: The treacherous waters off the Broken Lands were first successfully mapped over 100 years ago by the pirate Morgan Kyvold. #TotLH #DDoC (Morganton, History)

11: Giselle Marie Sanclue, also known as “the Widow Feyne,” is one of Vendurel’s leading citizens (and Draxen Feyne’s ex-wife). #TotLH #DDoC (Vendurel, Celebrity)

12: The Malieres are the second dynasty to rule Hisvet, usurping the throne from the Cardilles over 100 years ago. #TotLH #DDoC (Hisvet, Mystery)

13: Recent rumors from Al-Kef claim that if one sees a floating castle while crossing the desert, it may NOT be a mirage. #TotLH #DDoC (Al-Kef, Mystery)

14: Chafing under the legacy of his famous ancestors, Ostus Trellia aims to become the greatest architect in Imperial history. #TotLH #DDoC (Sabrian Empire, Celebrity)

15: At age 13, Myporean children receive their first knife, but at age 12 they receive their first whetstone. #TotLH #DDoC (Mypor, Culture)

16: All Sabrian citizens enter military service for at least two years. Most are trained as defenders of their home island. #TotLH #DDoC (Sabrian, Culture)

17: The bandits that operate out of the Broken Lands have banded into loose family/clan groups known as drugai. #TotLH #DDoC (Broken Lands, Celebrity)

18: Praeditorus Rex found the village of Bacarutu empty every time he sailed there. It's as if the natives knew he was coming. #TotLH #DDoC (Bacarutu, History)

19: Tarrim Gand explored the interior of Marhayne, and realizing it was actually four islands, nicknamed it “the Quad.” #TotLH #DDoC (The Quad, History)

20: Youth on Kriegstadt race each other by climbing to the top of a cliff, then diving off and swimming to a finish line. #TotLH #DDoC (Kriegstadt, Culture)

21: You can often tell what region an angry Terendan is from by what river is mentioned in their swearing. #TotLH #DDoC (Terendor, Culture)

22: Baron Cardille founded the port of Hisvet after fleeing mainland persecution for his devotion to the Velasian Heresy. #TotLH #DDoC (Hisvet, Religion)

23: The remote island of Adjati was converted to Triad worship over 75 years ago by a shipwrecked priest. #TotLH #DDoC (unnamed island, religion)

24: A tiny barren rock between Hisvet and Vendurel, the isle of Scarid is so poor that it’s said its only industry is piracy. #TotLH #DDoC (unnamed island, celebrities)

25: Rumors persist that Praeditorus Rex's sacking of Shafur was due to the pirate receiving some help from within the city. #TotLH #DDoC (Al-Kef, Mystery)

26: It's Terendan custom to celebrate a new birth by planting a tree on the family property or in a public grove. #TotLH #DDoC (Terendor, Culture)

27: The charming Al-Keffi pirate Hadrasa Bey was believed to be dead until he was installed as the new governor of Surem. #TotLH #DDoC (Surem, Celebrity)

28: The 3 cords worn by Al-Keffi are braided as a reminder that the three tenets of their faith are of equal importance. #TotLH #DDoC (Al-Kef, Religion)

29: The cathedral of the Daughter's Mercy in Mypor is the first of its kind to be built in the Frees. #TotLH #DDoC (Mypor, Religion)

30: King Pierre IV of Malachi gifted the Triad Hierarchs ownership of the old fortress known as the Citadel over 400 years ago. #TotLH #DDoC (Malachi, History)

31: A new cult on Nauticus has conflated the Son aspect of the Triad with Verado, the Sabrian Lord of Storms. #TotLH #DDoC (Nauticus/Valmor, Religion)

32: Explorer Tarrim Gand and his associates Areet & Scovy named the 3 smaller islands of the Quad after themselves. #TotLH #DDoC (The Quad, History)

33: Sabrians believe a person struck by lightning has been judged by Verado. Those who survive are absolved of past crimes. #TotLH #DDoC (Sabre Empire, Religion)

34: Upon the death of her father, the Princess Masarinda assumed control of the sultanate of Shafur. She rules to this day. #TotLH #DDoC (Al-Kef, Celebrity)

35: One of the local merchants in the Quad ruined by the arrival of the Kohayas was a man named Albric Feyne. #TotLH #DDoC (The Quad, History)

36: Praeditorus Rex’s deepest foray into the Empire was to the island of Verdium, raiding an estate owned by the Valentii. #TotLH #DDoC (Empire, History)

37: Pirate captains have started tossing a coin overboard at the start of a voyage, hoping for a bit of “Old Rex’s luck.” #TotLH #DDoC (Morganton, Religion)

38: Despite being settled by both Terendor and Al-Kef colonists, Surem has no interest in the wars of her parent nations. #TotLH #DDoC (Surem, Religion)

39: Moon's Kiss, a night-blooming flower native to Vendurel, produces a black-purple pigment highly prized in inks and dyes. #TotLH #DDoC (Vendurel, Culture)

40: Bacarutans have begun to notice that as they age, the winds they listen to have different things to tell them. #TotLH #DDoC (Bacarutu, Mystery)

41: When a feud is settled in Terendor, a bottle of oskay is shared between the two principals (sometimes starting a new feud). #TotLH #DDoC (Terendor, Culture)

42: Bravellan music is unique in the Frees, a melange of traditional Malachan orchestration with native Ghalani rhythms. #TotLH #DDoC (Bravel, Culture)

43: Tongues in County Firlan still wag over the mysterious destruction of the estate of Dunstan Carrock over 20 years ago. #TotLH #DDoC (Terendor, Mystery)

44: Baron Maliere of Hisvet is so reclusive that his subjects love to gossip (and bet) on whether or not he's still alive. #TotLH #DDoC (Hisvet, Mystery)

45: The drugai of the Broken Lands believe that wealth should be displayed. A man who boasts of wealth without proof is a liar. #TotLH #DDoC (Broken Lands, Culture)

46: Calls for the Order of the Son to send troops to resist the Sabrian annexation of Valmor are growing louder. #TotLH #DDoC (Nauticus/Valmor, Religion)

47: Many heretics condemned by the Triad faith find a home, though few followers, in the harsh territory of the Broken Lands. #TotLH #DDoC (Broken Lands, Religion)

48: No new supplies of flamewing feathers have appeared on the market for several months, causing their price to rise sharply. #TotLH #DDoC (The Quad, History)

49: The wily general Kassif al-Dar is nicknamed "the Father of Smoke" for his brilliant deceptive tactics on the battlefield. #TotLH #DDoC (Al-Kef, Celebrity)

50: The most popular public event in Kohayne's history was the hanging of the thief Parric Greeve from the Eisenteeth bridge. #TotLH #DDoC (The Quad, History)

51: The Carvai dynasty founded the Sabrian Empire close to a thousand years ago. They have ruled it ever since. #TotLH #DDoC (Sabre Empire, History)

52: After the abdication of Mandran Kohaya, the Duchy of Kevrensbury was dissolved and its lands divided among its neighbors. #TotLH #DDoC (Terendor, Mystery)

53: Traditionally, maps of Illyrium always include a drawing of a serpentine creature swimming around the island. #TotLH #DDoC (Sabre Empire, Mystery)

54: Agentii minor who are unable to let go of attachments to their old lives are known as cinicustoi, or "ash-bearers." #TotLH #DDoC (Sabre Empire, Culture)

55: For reasons he never shared, Praeditorus Rex rode into the Broken Lands once to meet with several leaders of the drugai. #TotLH #DDoC (Broken Lands, History)

56: For nearly two years, communities in Terendor lived in fear of being visited by the disease known as the Withering. #TotLH #DDoC (Terendor, Mystery)

57: Under similar pressures by Sabrian authorities, smugglers and agitators on Nauticus have begun joining forces. #TotLH #DDoC (Nauticus/Valmor, Mystery)

58: To the consternation of Bravel’s new bishop, Triad ceremonies in his diocese draw heavily upon Ghalani shamanic traditions. #TotLH #DDoC (Bravel, Religion)

59: Following the example of Imperial Princess Augusta Carva, young Sabrian nobles now enter athletic events wearing masks. #TotLH #DDoC (Sabre Empire, Celebrity)

60: One apple orchard in County Grael produces purple fruit. Those who’ve dared to try them say they are delicious. #TotLH #DDoC (Terendor, Mystery)

61: Malachan elite frequently send each other messages with flower petals added into the envelopes. #TotLH #DDoC (Malachi, Culture)

62: Legendary scholar and Malachan fugitive Phillipe Marsienne has been seen on Narlos, apparently constructing a new shipyard. #TotLH #DDoC (Narlos, Celebrity)

63: Pressured by Triad authorities, the farmer who owned the trees that grew the purple apples burned his entire orchard. #TotLH #DDoC (Terendor, culture)

64: Gunpowder on Bravel has begun to fail, and some Ghalani whisper the time has come to purge their island of these invaders. #TotLH #DDoC (Bravel, History)

65: The number and types of flower petals found in Malachan letters is a secret code to those who know how to read it. #TotLH #DDoC (Malachi, Culture)

66: Sabrian authorities have permitted the Valmoran tradition of a citywide celebration of the summer solstice to continue. #TotLH #DDoC (Nauticus, Culture)

67: The sunset pepper, colored dark purple at the stem to fiery orange at the tip, is unique to the island of Mypor. #TotLH #DDoC (Mypor, Culture)

68: It’s bad luck in Terendor to find a frog in your house, so sneaking one into someone’s home is a popular children’s prank. #TotLH #DDoC (Terendor, Culture)

69: The Duchess Lebourne is credited for inventing the “code of flowers” used by Malachan elite for the past fifty years. #TotLH #DDoC (Malachi, Celebrity)

70: The season after the orchard with the purple apples was burned, the surrounding orchards produced purple fruit themselves. #TotLH #DDoC (Terendor, Mystery)

71: With limited living space on Kriegstat, homes are built up rather than out, and having a room to oneself is a great luxury. #TotLH #DDoC (Kriegstat, Culture)

72: At the end of whaling season on Bacarutu, the best hunter receives the title of “the Spear” for the next year. #TotLH #DDoC (Bacarutu, Culture)

73: Followers of the now-extinct Velasian Heresy believed the divinities of the Triad were actually Father, MOTHER and Son. #TotLH #DDoC (Malachi, Religion)

74: “Not until snow falls in Locus” is a common Imperial phrase for something that will never happen. #TotLH #DDoC (Sabre Empire, Culture)

75: Vendurel swordsmith Henri Blaison, famous for both his craftsmanship and his temper, has fought in over 30 duels. #TotLH #DDoC (Vendurel, Celebrity)

76: Important events in the Empire always begin with a public augury asking the gods for their blessing. #TotLH #DDoC (Sabre Empire, Religion)

77: All Sabrian sailors whisper of the Delphinus, a ghost ship whose appearance heralds imminent doom to those who see her. #TotLH #DDoC (Sabre Empire, Mystery)

78: Triad missionaries to the Empire have gotten one city to include a 3-headed effigy called "Triad" among its other shrines. #TotLH #DDoC (Sabre Empire, Religion)

79: Rumors from the Broken Lands speak of certain drugai now paying homage to a figure known as the Broken King. #TotLH #DDoC (Broken Lands, Mystery)

80: It is whispered that the night before the Conor Audax began her ill-fated voyage, the Delphinus was seen near Locus. #TotLH #DDoC

81: Hisvet was the last bastion of the Velasian Heresy until it was crushed during the Malieres' usurpation. #TotLH #DDoC (Hisvet, Religion)

82: A major flash point for the constant skirmishes between Terendor and Al-Kef is control of the River Shay. #TotLH #DDoC (Al-Kef, History)

83: Malachan high society celebrates the summer and winter solstices with masquerade balls, themed to their respective seasons. #TotLH #DDoC (Malachi, Culture)

84: In the past, rich families in Kohayne would host lavish parties on large barges towed to the center of the harbor. #TotLH #DDoC (The Quad, Culture)

85: At last year's Winter Ball in Trevonne, 3 women wore the same mask. One bloodstained mask was found later in a hallway. #TotLH #DDoC (Malachi, Mystery)

86: Surem's "singing lamps" have small whistles incorporated into their frames, producing a single chord as the wind blows. #TotLH #DDoC (Surem, Celebrity)

87: As a special honor, the only Bacarutan to ever become the Spear 5 years in a row was granted the title permanently. #TotLH #DDoC (Bacarutu, Mystery)

88: Dulcimorta is a Sabrian drink made from fermented fruit juices. Each island claims *their* version is the strongest. #TotLH #DDoC (Sabre Empire, Culture)

89: Just to prove it was possible, Six Doigts reassembled excerpts of Triad scripture into a document that encourages piracy. #TotLH #DDoC (Morganton, Religion)

90: No formal treaty ever confirmed Mypor’s secession from Malachi, a fact neither the County nor the Kingdom have forgotten. #TotLH #DDoC (Mypor, History)

91: Throughout Tranquila Sesta’s travels in Kao Mai, her constant companion and protector was the agentis Marcus Loranus. #TotLH #DDoC (Sabre Empire, Culture)

92: The only copy of Six Doigts’ mockery of Triad scripture (nicknamed “the Book of the Pirate”) can be found in Morganton. #TotLH #DDoC (Morganton, History)

93: It is whispered that after the death of Praeditorus Rex, his chief lieutenant Glausus Lero was seen in Morganton. #TotLH #DDoC (Morganton, History)

94: Due to the works of Tranquila Sesta, Marcus Loranus became the most famous agentis in the Empire, second only to Morellus. #TotLH #DDoC (Terendor, History)

95: Malachan émigrés to Surem began using Al-Kef ingredients in their native cooking techniques, creating a unique cuisine. #TotLH #DDoC (Surem, Culture)

96: As Kohayne’s population has grown, so has talk of building a Triad cathedral there to rival Daughter’s Mercy in Mypor. #TotLH #DDoC (The Quad, Religion)

97: The Ilandriad is an epic Sabrian saga telling of a young Imperial princess’s journey across the Empire to claim her throne. #TotLH #DDoC (Sabre Empire, History)

98: Terendans celebrate the winter solstice jumping over a fire; they celebrate the summer solstice jumping into a river. #TotLH #DDoC (Terendor, Culture)

99: Despite vigilant efforts by Baron Maliere’s spies, rumors persist of a secret Velasian movement on Hisvet. #TotLH #DDoC (Hisvet, Religion)

100: Livia Maritius has begun construction of a second, larger naval base on Nauticus. #TotLH #DDoC (Nauticus, Mystery)