First announcement!

Thanks for your support! So I wanna show you one thing I’m working on at the moment, here’s NOISE DRAWERS.

Noise Drawers is my current biggest project. In the last quarter of 2018, I was approached by a new festival, the 2019 International Women's Day Women in Music Festival. They wanted to know how to include game audio. So, I said:

  1. You HAVE to commission a game. Half of game audio is how you compose for interaction.
  2. Uhhhhh, you know I’m non-binary right? If I’m gonna be in your women focused space, I’m going to Queer. It. Up.

To which they replied 1) okay, how much? And 2) yeah I already researched you before the meeting.


So, I’ve been given a small grant enough to make as much of it as I can myself, and then ask my programmer partner for help. It premiers in MARCH.

I was then able to use this support to get a grant to go to GDC straight after the premier, to figure out what to do with it next! I’m already lining up meetings, and getting started on the next grant application to keep working on it.

Soooo, it’s a VR instrument… game. Thing. I used to make “exhibition by day, show by night” kind of experiences. 

I’ve decided to treat Noise Drawers as the name of the tool - the room of musical drawers. But, Queer Noise is the name of the first performance with these drawers.

Noise Drawers is a VR game in which you play a totally new form of instrument. Surrounded by walls of drawers, each of which has a different, unique sound, you reach and interact with them, opening and closing them in various expressive ways to create music. 

I’ve been driven to create Queer Noise, this fantastical performance, to explore and express my own feelings about queerness and gender, and how it affects both my advocacy work and industry work.

I am developing Noise Drawers to be a game you can play in private, as well as a performance game. In a performance using Noise Drawers, the musician will end up dancing as they gently open drawers, drawing out a soft, elongated sound, or rapidly slam a draw shut, evoking a loud percussive beat. They embody the intended emotion, feeling it personally, as they display it through their movement.

I wanna show you all the development and decisions, and things I’m learning along the way. I’m learning to code more, I’m learning about composing for this instrument, there’s a LOT to be done.

And then next? Maybe I open source it and let other people compose for it? Maybe I’ll make some other kind of musical environment? Maybe I work on making the first performance an album. Maybe a BIGGER performance! An installation! A live streamed VR performance you can all be in?! We will see!

Thanks for your support!

(I almost have the next update ready already, so stay tuuuuuuned)

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