The first submissions
It's been just under a week now since we opened for submissions. Since then, we've been averaging a steady 8 submissions per day. By the time we publish our first story, we'll have have read close on 1,000 stories. And we do mean read - we read every word of every story.

I've been pleasantly surprised by the quality of the submissions. So far, we've only bought one out of 40 we've read, but there have been several that came close. In brief:

 42 submissions (1-5 October)

 28 rejected

 12 rejected but we specifically requested to see more of the writer's work

   2 rejected, but we'll reconsider a rewrite if submitted

   1 held for consideration

   1 accepted

So, we're pretty happy. Not only that, but the story we accepted is from one of our favorites - the wonderful Mari Ness; it'll run in January and be in the first Patreon-only e-book.

We'll post more statistics after the first month or so, including estimated gender balance, fantasy/SF ratio, average length, etc.