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First, 3rd paid post... (More California mountain flying)
I don't take your support lightly.  It is huge.  And that's why for over a year since launching here on Patreon, I've never posted more than 2 paid posts in a month.  It creates lag between the YouTube releases, that I have to catch up with by skipping paid posts now and then, or in the case, posting a 3rd one.  I asked last week in the feed how you guys felt about it, and 100% of the responses said to go for it...  So, I I squeezed this one if for November.  Truth be told, producing this series was hugely expensive, and it is going to take a while to recoup the costs, so the help and support is critical to be able to make more of this sort of thing.  And we have A LOT more coming in 2016 :)  I am super happy to be able to produce and share this stuff!  Thanks again for sticking around!

(NOTE: you can edit your max monthly pledge to pay for as many or few paid posts as you'd like, regardless of how many I post)