The first posts are always the best! Or it can also supply the most cringe because it's just me here..hanging out..drinking some wine like a good little fine wine concierge 🍷. 

If you've just read the header and story behind the amazing community soon to rise up and fill the world with 3D Creations from the young>old, beginner>expert, and just for fun>this is life or death~if I can't get this filament to go up at exactly 90 degrees this whole project is...

I'm sure the point has been taken because I'm rambling, so I'll let you continue on you're way to checking out the rest of 3DJ Patreon, only to move over to the Facebook Page. Do Not forget to check out the Youtube if you haven't already, it's the brain of the whole operation: 3D Creation Takeover ☺️

Enjoy the Day! 

, Justin


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