The First Age of Water: Birth
Week one of the Go Deeper Patreon Campaign highlighted the first of the Seven Ages of Water: Birth.

And we successfully met our first of seven goals by reaching the $500/month level. Thank you!

After nine months submerged in a dark watery world we emerge into the bright, dry air. For some this transition is eased and slightly delayed through water birth. For many infants swim lessons are immediate and natural.

New research continues to show the importance of in utero brain development and that water is a good beginning to our life on Earth.

The second of the Seven Ages of Water is Play and we'll go deeper into that theme this week as we reach for our next goal. Please invite the water lovers you know to join in, if we each succeed in bringing on one new patron this week we'll reach our next goal easily.

Week one patrons, watch for a surprise in your mail box!

PS In doing research for the Go Deeper book I came across this 2016 study from Oregon State University investigators.

Maternal and Newborn Outcomes Following Waterbirth: The Midwives Alliance of North America Statistics Project, 2004 to 2009 Cohort

This study is the largest cohort study to date on waterbirth, the first large study from the United States, and the first to report separately on outcomes for mother–newborn dyads who did not complete a planned waterbirth because of risk factors that arose in the intrapartum period. Our results indicate that waterbirth does not confer an increased risk of morbidity or mortality for the newborn, but women completing the second stage immersed in water may experience more genital tract trauma. Our results are congruent with findings from studies in other settings, and contrary to the recently published ACOG/AAP clinical guidelines, suggest that waterbirth is a reasonably safe option for use in low-risk, low-intervention births—especially when the risks associated with other forms of pharmacologic pain management are considered.

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