When the Great Stone hit the Earth, it was the reptilians who hurt the most. Their time was over and the mammalians claimed the land. The water was polluted and there was no place to hide from the poison air. It was because of this, that the hominini were born. There were many tribes at first. We branched out from each other when resources became scarce. It was the Great Age of the Mammals, but it came at a price. 

Many tribes were dying, we couldn’t cope with the tainted land. The homo sapiens were thriving. Although deformed, they were strong breeders. We, on the other hand, were not as fortunate. We lost our ability to breed and our children were dying. 

We prayed to the heavens for many moons, but our dead infants were the only answer we were given. So, we turned to the Earth. We did not wish to die like our many cousins. The homo sapiens would not help us. They would not breed with our kind. So we prayed to the Earth night and day. There were only 4 men and 4 women left. There were no more children of our tribe and we were afraid. 

It was on a full moon’s night in the winter that our prayers and sacrifices received a response. He sprang from the wolf’s bane field. He had the head of a beast but the body of a man. his eyes were blood red when we first saw him, but they never stayed the same. We were afraid at first and we hid. He let out a monstrous sound as he demanded an answer. Why was he summoned? Why did his ears burn?

It was our chief who answered. 

“Great Spirit, it was we who summoned thee. We do not wish to die. Help us so that we may thrive. We have lost all our children and no one will breed with us to carry on our lineage,” he stood firm as he spoke. He was our greatest chief.

“Why should I help you? I, the Great Demon, am not a granter of wishes. I am a collector of souls.”

“Great One, what price shall we pay so that you may grant our request?”

They were silent. The Great One thought for many moments. We did not know at the time that he had desires of his own. 

“I want your loyalty,” he said.

“And you shall have it,”

“You will serve me. I will be your king,” 

“It shall be done if you save our tribe. We will do anything,” the chief bowed and we all followed. Some of us were unsure but we were all desperate. 

The Great One was the first of many Demon Kings.

He demanded for us to lay with him and then each other. The men as well as the women. He bit our necks, marking us as his and we were turned into demons. He was our greatest alpha. He granted us immortality and we became fertile. Our children were strong and would go on to live many times the normal man. They could not die a natural death. This also came at a price. 

Our children were not human. They looked like humans but they had the beast in them. They could turn into great beasts just as our king could. This is how we fathered the dog, fox, wolf, and cat tribes. 

The Demon King bestowed our weakest man with the ability to bear children. He gave him a womb to carry his seed. Although he was afraid, he did not die. All of his children carry the omega gene.

Our chief, the strongest man, was endowed with the strongest seed. His desire to mate increased and he fathered many children. All of his children, male and female, had the ability to impregnate. They have the alpha gene.

The children of the other men have the beta gene. They are the most common in our world today. 

We were the first demon tribe and we were as one. Our tribe tripled in the spring. We each had a large brood and it took less time to birth our children and by the end of the following year, we had grown tenfold. Our work was done and we did not sire any more offspring. 

After 5 years, we were visited again by our King. Again, he rose from the wolf's bane and he summoned us. We were to fight for him, for he wanted to rule the Demon World. We did not hesitate to go to his aid. 

We bled for him. We lost many but our numbers were far greater than our enemies. We were victorious for our King. He claimed the Demon World for himself and his children. This is how we became the Greater Demons. 

It was many years after that that we separated. We wanted to stay as one but we could not stop our offspring. They fought and they argued. They spread to the four corners of the Earth.