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The first AR Homebrew Game for the PS Vita
And the final title of the game is Vitamon Go! (very original I know :P)

It's a Pokemon Go kinda game for the PS Vita. As I said in my previous post this is more like an experiment rather than a full game. Like my previous releases this is going to be open-source, you can easily modify it's code and the files to your likings.

Pressing the AR button on top-right corner enables the AR mode. 

The AR works using the PS Vita's motion sensors and the rear camera to blend 3d objects in to the real world. Using the touch screen you can throw the ball to capture the monster that appears in front of you.

Currently in this alpha version there are 3 types of monsters that may appear at random order for every try you play. I know many of you would like to see Pokemon instead of some random monsters but for obvious reasons I can't do that. That's why I'm making it open source.

About the release:

The alpha version of Vitamon GO will be available on November 30 to everyone but our $5 Tier Patrons will get it early on November 25!