First art print available in my Etsy store
I’ve actually been afraid to post this piece because making it was such a personal process, but I’m finally ready. This is a painting of the goddess Freyja that I did almost exactly a year ago. I’m not just sharing the portrait with you but making prints available for purchase. This is the first print up for sale in my shop! (Others are soon to come!)

The painting was made to honor Freyja as a goddess of the heart in all its passions and rages. With her falcon feather cloak she is a shapeshifter who oversees war as well as love, thus here you can see her still shifting shape after a bloody encounter. Her legendary necklace Brisinger is featured prominently. Part of the point of this piece was to depict this piece of jewelry and why Freyja insisted on being the one to possess it–my insight was that beyond being beautiful and valuable, it resonated strongly with every part of her in its design.

The other point of the drawing was to heal wounds to my own heart, and in exchange I was to show her portrait to the world. If you’d like Freyja to help heal the wounds in your heart, this portrait may be an avenue for you to connect with her on that. It is 8"x10", ready for framing.