First attempt at a trailer for Shadow Dragons

This is an early prototype of a game I wanted to make as the flagship title for demonstrating the system I am creating.

I was supposed to make a demo for Microsoft a while back so I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone, got started but then never got very far before life got in the way and I had to get back to working for food... :P

This is a trailer I put together after the first week of working on the demo. The characters will stay, everything else needs to go... This is not the look I wanted. Fortunately with the new Unity lighting system and me finally understanding the importance of color grading I have finally learned enough about lighting to see where I went wrong before and think the next version should look real nice indeed... :D

I currently have this integrated with the latest version of my Wordpress accounts system and the new leaderboards system. Also updated it to include the latest versions of my dialogue engine and the ActionsHUD (available to patrons to download). 

I am not too happy with the way the characters move, though, and the AI got fried in the process so I've also taken a few steps back... But even so, it is moving forward and I can't wait to show it off... :D

I think I should classify this under "coming soon"... :)

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