First attempt at dominating Feudal Japan
I found Sengoku, by Paradox Interactive, on Steam's summer sale for $2.49, and once I saw it was a grand-strategy game set in Japan, I had to gobble it up.

On one hand, there are tons of JRPGs and action games with a Japanese vibe, right? But there are very few strategy ones and even less grand strategy. Maybe you could fill me in on some you know, but the only other game I know of is Nobunaga's Ambition, and that is not readily available.

For veterans, Sengoku is inbetween Crusader Kings 1 and 2. It's not as deep and doesn't have the scope that Crusader Kings 2 has and is slightly bent toward might-makes-right combat moreso than CK:2's stronger focus on the dynastic families, but there's still focus on Sengoku's clan-members.

You'll balance happiness of vassals, trade hostages, take wives and marry-off children and one of the most important aspects - keep your honor high.

I'm really enjoying this game and even though some veterans may want more (and I wouldn't complain if they added more to Sengoku) compared to CK:2, I find there's still plenty of depth and replay value in. 

The main goal is to conquer at least 50% of Japan and then hold onto it for at least 3 years to win, but because there's more attention to Clan politics and the family members in them, than say a nation-conquering grand-strategy like Europa Universalis 4, Sengoku gives me a sense of writing my own historically personal story. And with that kind of game play, I don't need to achieve some single-minded win-state. It provides a lose goal-frame to approach in many different ways. 

I can make the game hard on myself by starting as someone's vassal or easier by starting as a Daimyo in one of the larger, more powerful Clans.

I have a few other videos processing and in need of editing, but if you like this it could be an ongoing series. Just let me know. Thanks.