First Chat Session Follow-up
Good day, everyone!

The first chat session had some unexpected technical difficulties.  Lessons learned.  So... let's call that one a trial run, and I will be scheduling a second chat session with fans later in November.  I don't have a date yet, but it will most likely be on a Tuesday night, and I will give everyone AT LEAST 3 days notice.

My sister-in-law and goddaughter helped me to figure out what was going wrong (after I tested it out days earlier and didn't get the same problems), and my gd stayed on and asked some really good questions.  I may have even lured her closer to being an Amanda Palmer fan.  ;)

Lesson #1: give plenty of notice, via FB, Twitter, carrier pigeon, etc.

Lesson #2: my patrons are busy people, and so maybe the text chats should be open to more fans than just patrons.

So... if the chats are open to all, then I need to find a new engagement reward for my patrons.  Ideas?  Maybe I'll drop the video live stream reward down to the $3+ level?

As always, if you are reading this in an email, please click through to like the post.  Feedback via comments is greatly appreciated.