First Day
*pidgey chirping* I got up this morning and boy was I tired! Tried to hatch some eggs yesterday, but those little guys weren't ready yet I guess! I'll try again another day... I walked to the kitchen. Blanche was already awake as usual. On her computer.... "Morning Blanche." "Good morning Spark. I trust you had sufficient sleep?" "Yeah! I had a really great dream! I was on this mountain and all of a sudden I grew wings like a Salamence! Then I fleeeeew over Kanto to meet up with some other Pokémon! Only to find that Candela and you had turned into magikarp! Then you both evolved and tried to eat me! Then I flew away to and went over a prairie filled with grilled cheese! And I ate a bunch! Then the professor tried to tell me, [imitating the Prof. voice] "Now is not the time for that!" Then he transformed into bike at rode away! "Hmm... fascinating. You didn't stay up looking at Tumblr again did you?...." "Nooooo...." "Raaahh!" Sparky exclaimed. "Ooh, Volt! You must be hungry after all that running we did yesterday!" Volt, my best friend, he's a Jolteon. He goes with me everywhere I go. "Here you go", I said as a gave him his Pokéchow. "Hey, where's Candela by the way?" Blanche look at me with a blank expression, "She's off to Fuchsia city to inspect the rebuild of the gym there. But not before she went on her run." "Aaaw! She said she'd wake me up to run with her! Oh well!" I reached into the cupboard for some LillipupTarts, but couldn't find them. "Hey Blanche do you know who ate the last LillipupTart?" Blanche looked down at the silver foil near her laptop and choked down the last bit of tart she had in her mouth. *Blanche nearly choking* "Nope! I guess you must've eaten the rest yesterday... she said hoping I wouldn't notice. "Then what's THIS?!" I said as I yanked the foil out of her pocket. "You've been eating my LillipupTarts haven't you?... If you wanted some all you had to do was ask!" Blanche looked guilty. "Yes, sorry I should've taken that into account. How foolish of me. I am sorry Spark." "Ah, that's ok! I'll go to the store tomorrow and get some more! In the meantime, I guess I'll cook something!" I proclaimed as I put on the apron. Blanche got a calm, suprised look on her face a spoke anxiously, "Wha-what! You haven't cooked in ages! Why the sudden change?" "Well nothing beats a home cooked meal! Right, Sparky?" YOOOOH! Volt shouted. "I think some eggs and bacon will hit the spot! Maybe some Miltank cheese and Leppa berry pancakes!" *2 hours later* Candela burst through the door, "I'm baaack!... *sniff* What is that wonderful smell?" "Oh, hello Candela, Spark is making some brunch." Just then Candela froze and her mouth started watering uncontrollably. "Sp-sp-spark is cooking?" "Hi, Candela! How was your trip?" "It's was ok, I guess. Did you make some buttermiltank pancakes for me?" "Yeah, I made some for everybody." I said in-point-of-fact." I handed out the plates and said, "Dig in!" All I could hear was the sound of Candela inhaling her food. "So goooood! I need that recipe!" "Sorry no CANDO! Family recipe." Just then it got quiet. "Was that a fucking pun?" Candela asked. "What you don't like it? Was it too Blanche for ya?" I snickered. "Ugh seriously, Spark. You mustn't try so hard." Blanche pointed out. I went to put my apron away and peeked at the clock. 4:30! I was late for work! "Shitshitshitshitshitshitshitshit!" "I swear Spark, you need to keep track of time more wisely." Blanche said. "Alright see you guys bye! C'mon Volt!" I shouted as I ran out the door. I grabbed my bike hoping I could make it in time. Pedaling as fast I could, I reached the bike trail. SCRRREEEEEECH! My bike came to halt. The highway was backed up. Oh noooo! Wait! Do I still have Pidgeot with me? Yes! I do! "Alright Pidgeot use fly!" I yelled as I threw my pokeball. PIIIIIGGGGOOOH! "Fly as fast as you can! To Silph Co.!" PIIIIGGGGGOOOOH! "Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh! NooOOoot THaaaaAAAT FAAST!" I screamed as the burst of speed had me hanging on for dear life. Half an hour later I arrived at Silph Co. I stumbled off of Pidgeot's back and fell on the ground "I'm here to relieve you sir...." I mumbled. To be continued....
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