First Day of Patreon!
Wow! We are blown away with how great our first day went! Looks like our podcast is going to be uploaded regularly! We are adjusting to this new schedule - I'll (Justin) be recording all day today while (Damon) edits and finishes up the next dub. We are a dub powerhouse now - it's no longer a solo side endeavor. While I'm recording Damon is finishing the edit and Pops (our other editor) is starting up a new edit so we can all sit together and have a "writers room". With your support we are literally two to three times faster at producing content. Our focus will always be quality - we are loving the newest scripts and I cannot wait to upload. I might even be able to post this newest dub sooner than expected so stay tuned!

Love you all,

-Jaboody Dubs

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