First days of autumn
Hello guys! Enjoying the first days of autumn? Maybe the dark evenings will be better with new patreon stuff from me?

For all 3$+ Patrons I have a little concept art for the new story titled "Snake king". This fairy tale will be published as a part of "Slavonica" webcomic. I can not tell you the plot yet, but here it is a casual look of the MAIN character.

My 5$+ Patrons can enjoy slightly NSFW wallpaper for you PC, laptop and mobile. Enjoy this picture of Mojmira from "Slavonica" series. Hey, maybe next time I'll make such a picture with a man? What do you think? 

And last but not least 10$+ patrons! For you I have something really special. You can have a look at Mojmira's character sheet with a basic info about her character. BUT, it is not all! You can also read about the design process from the year 2010/2011. In attachcment I've included the large PDF file with the "book" of all art designs and inspirations (2010-2016). 

Thank you all for the support and I hope you'll enjoy what I've made for you! <3 

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