First designs ($3 reward preview)
Hi guys!

I think this kind of postings are the one I'm most excited about :) These first posts will be a little bit like a journal, about the development of my comic book TANK. It's fun to go through my old files and to find stuff like this. This are some of the very first designs for TANK. I totally forgot about some of them and I'm pretty sure that I haven't posted them nowhere before,  partially at least. At this point I didn't even know what the title of the book would be. 

When I have an story idea, sometimes just a very rough one, I always start with the designs for the main character. Probably like the most people out there. As you can see I tried many different ideas for the clothes, equipment, hairstyles and special marks like tattoos. And yes! The character looks completely different then the one you know from the comic :)

More about this soon...