First Draft - Verse (2015)

My partner reminded me that the last panel in today's Verse update is as close as I'll get to matching up with the start of the original webcomic.

I actually started Verse in 2015 while I was still working a full-time job designing corporate web apps (fun). I had to put it aside for 2 years because life got way too hectic and stressful. 

The original comic starts off right after the Gate has opened up and the monstrous Vel are wreaking havoc, of course, I'm very mysterious about what has actually transpired. 

The rest of the chapter then cuts back to the past, as Fife recalls how he came to be in this position. What follows is what became the current beginning chapter of Verse.

When I restarted Verse in 2017 I re-wrote basically everything. I'm not sure what compelled me to opt for a much slower starting pace, but I like to think it was a good decision, especially for Fife's character. Also, it only took me (checks files) 200+ pages to get to this point, so probably for the best that I didn't reveal anything at the start. Sometimes it's fun to ruminate on old things, so I hope you like looking at my questionable art, terrible lettering, and how characters have evolved over time.

You can download the entire 34-page first draft as a PDF.

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