First Draft Cover Art
Just getting the swing of painting. I started on version 2 and it's already much better.  Will be a different image, without tentacles sadly, but more ruin and larger scale location.

The website is up: but there is nothing there yet. Eventually I will post all the rules as well as the starting adventure and any appendices for future supplements.

I have been slowly converting the first draft to XML, and I am using XSL to convert that to HTML and CSS to style it. Which may be overkill, but it's extremely powerful. For example, in the XML I only use a few tags to denote the various kinds of text, like <h> for headers and <p> for paragraphs. Then in the XSL I test to see how many subsections deep a <h> is and give it the appropriate header style. Same with paragraphs, the first one in a chapter gets a special style, then the first one after any header has no indent, but the rest do. What this means is that if I ever decide I want to change the look of the text I have a huge number of options from only a few lines of XSL and CSS code. The original point of looking at this was that I wanted to be able to layout the book in a number of size formats in InDesign, however now I am experimenting with printing straight from the browser into PDF and so far it's working extremely well. We'll see how it goes when I need to add images.

Soon I have to start thinking about what copyright license I want to use what I make it public. Right now I expect it will look something like this:

  • You cannot bundle, distribute or sell the original product in any form, print or digital.
  • You are free to create and sell physical and/or digital supplements, but you cannot reprint any content from the main rules.
  • You can create derivative work using the original text as a base and rewrite as much or as little as you want, but you must rename the new product so as not to confuse it with the original.
  • Art from the original product can be reused in supplements, but not in derivative work.
  • All derivative work and supplements have to use the same copyright license and reference the original product as the source material.

As always, let me know what you think. We are SO close to playtesting :)