First Draft: The Lonely Ones
I've finished the first draft, it's attached to this post. The next step will be to go through it again with a more critical eye. I'm not quite sure I'm happy with the "ending" such as it is. You have to remember that the real ending of this story comes at the end of Rock and Tin, so I can't really put it in this story and give away the ending of the graphic novel. This is kind of like a story within the story. So I'll be thinking about that. Aside from editing, I now have to go in and start thinking about where I want illustrations and what gets broken out into comic panels or even comic pages. I'm thinking about which artists to bring on board to help me, I've got two on board already. I've sent out a request to a Patreon artist I found that amazed me. Once I have the listing, I'll let you know. Of course, it will have plenty of art by me in there, too :)