First Crowdfunded Episode Coming Soon!
Hey Everyone, If you haven't seen our social media posts already, we'll soon be releasing our first crowd funded episode of Stories of Bike, shot in New York City! This episode will tell Kristen's story of how, after living in NYC for 9 years, she rediscovered what New York had to offer and saw the city in a whole new way after purchasing her first bike at Triumph Bonneville. This episode was also the first time I got to work with a dedicated director of cinematography, Brian Stansfield, who so generously donated his time and incredible film making gear to be a part of Stories of Bike. We're still in the process of putting the finishing touches on this episode, including new original music from Jack along with special behind the scenes videos and bloopers for our Patrons. Feel free to check your Patreon level to ensure you're getting access to the great content you want to see. In the meantime, look out for this new episode, expected to drop shortly after the 18th of May. Cheers, Cam
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Support the Stories of Bike webseries! $1.00 starts us on our way to committing more time to the Stories of Bike series to we can continue to bring you free-to-watch episodes.

  • A copy of the music soundtrack from each new episode
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Watch it in original export quality! Each episode looks even better before it goes onto YouTube. We'll make the episode available for download in full 1080p (think blu-ray) quality.

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Find out how we do what we do with an exclusive behind-the-scenes video made just for our Patreon supporters. Meet the featured riders away from the interview set as well as the bloopers they make during interviews!

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  • Exclusive behind the scenes video
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Want to have a say in which episode gets made next? Where possible, we'll present 3 (or more) options each month for you to vote on. The winning option will then get bumped up for future release.

We'll also send you an exclusive radio mix of the original music for the next video.

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  • Live-stream Q&A with Director Cam Elkins after each episode
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Get access to some of the gorgeous raw video footage shot during each episode. This footage will include landscapes and bike scenes for you to use how you like non-commercially in your own projects.

Plus, you get the show the world you care! As a top-tier supporter, you'll even get your name in the credits.

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  • Selected stock footage shot during each episode for you to work with. Do what ever you want with it!
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This reward is just for those folks who just want see us do the best we can.

Choose this open IF you can afford it and if would like to seriously contribute to our passion.

You'll get all the rewards below, of course, if you want them. But mostly we'd then like to welcome you to an open discussion about happiness, life and the thing that makes it all sweeter; motorcycling.

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