The First Event - Asheville
Saturday October 28, 2017

6pm | The Block Off Biltmore

39 S. Market Street 

After a long and winding road, The Lucid Sound Project held its first event. Although originally intended as an open air event at a park in the center of downtown Asheville, weather forced us inside. Luckily, The Block Off Biltmore was excited about the possibility and had an open spot for the time we had planned. 

Guests arrived and found seats, and we had two that brought yoga mats and blankets and took to the floor! The lights were low, candles and salt lamps surrounded the space. For a little over an hour and a half sounds of all kinds filled the room; crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, rainstick, shakers, handpan, cello, violin, frame drum, and gongs. It was a sonic journey. 

More to come! Stay tuned.