First Facebook Live~and, our first Google hangout!
Ok, I did it. Yesterday I went online and made my first facebook live video. It was THRILLING--honestly, and fun...watching people's names come up as they joined the video. We're looking for ways to reach out to our community, especially as we're launching the patreon. So, I share the video with you here.

This is also to prepare for our first patron's google hangout, which will be next Thursday, November 30th. Exact details are still to be determined BUT, all of our first month patrons will be invited to join me on a google hangout with a special guest artist. Here I am, hurtling myself into the 21st Century! Yeehaw!

Thanks for the support--it's really beautiful building this new platform with you all. And, we've got big ideas for the new year. My personal goal is to have 200 patrons by December 31st. POSSIBLE?? In the meantime, love to the 24 of you who've signed up. And a sincere and serious THANKSGIVING. I'm so grateful for you.