First Goal Reached!
[public post]

Today I have been doing some much-needed business work here on my Patreon account.  One of the first things I needed to do was to update my goals, to better reflect what I have learned over the last few months.

I am also basing these goals upon a couple of factors.  The first is the cost of the goal involved.  That cost, though, has to come after two other things are taken into account: I want to pass on about one third of the patronage I receive to other artists I want to support, and I need to pay my business credit card to be able to pay for small on-going items, like doughnuts.  Seriously, though, I love doing the library readings and gasoline costs money.

So, my first goal, to join the Writer's Market, has been reached already.  YAY!!!  This is a big part towards being a professional writer (which I am, thanks to you) who is PUBLISHED.  This is based upon the advice of Mr. Wesley King, a successful, published author who gave a workshop at the Frye Festival.  The amount of material there is quite overwhelming, so I am going to have to digest it over many months, while submitting my work.

My next goal is achieved when I have $100 in pledges.  About $34 will go to other creators, I'll keep paying for the Writer's Market, but I will also comfortably be able to pay to join the WFNB (Writers' Federation of New Brunswick), and have some left over to keep buying doughnuts!

When I achieve those goals, I'll start thinking about higher, future goals.  I'm treating this as a business (and in fact filing income taxes), so these goals are realistic, but also designed to build success!

All of this is ONLY possible because I have such great patrons.  I am thankful for their support every day.  I also love having fans, as I understand not everyone can afford to be a patron.  Some people are following me, and eagerly waiting for a published work.  THAT, my friends, is a great big goal which is near and dear to my heart.


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