First Goal Results
Thanks to great Patron support, I've established the art theme of the campaign and begun purchasing DAZ resources for the imagery that will accompany Dungeon Master and Player handouts. Because the Mountain and the island it sits on have a long history, I'm going with a hybrid style. 

Ages ago, the island was settled by settlers with a very nautical, no-nonsense background. Therefore for all the common folks, we'll use a viking/early medieval peasant style of clothing. The soldiers, guards and other military types will also use this historical style. However, the merchants and nobles have been influenced heavily by the court of the campaign boss (a narcissistic genie). Their clothing will have far more ornate patterns that resemble central and far-east asian motifs. 

The added advantage of this approach is that there are equal number of outfits for both males and females (as opposed to the DAZ artist trend of creating outfits for females only...and often with too little clothes to make logical adventuring sense).

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