First goal reached!
Whoooplaaaa laa look what has happened. I reached my first ever Patreon goal and could order the Instax camera with polaroid shots and accessories!

This was fun for me as I wasnt sure Patreon would even work for me. But it seems you have slowly found your way here and seem to enjoy exclusive posts, sneak-peeks and full length videos. It's also quite nice to have a smaller closer following as I feel it's easier to respond and connect with fans when theres not as many comments to read and respond to. However I will ALWAYS always appreciate and be thankful for the kind words that gets written about my work every day. It truly is a blessing that Im able to work with my passions and I think about that alot.

 Im still thinking of ways to develop this to a better page so if you have any ideas please feel free to suggest!

Last but most of all not least I want to say THANK YOU for your support, for your appreciation and comments. Keeps me going :)

Now off to write up what my you guys can help me with on the next goal! 

xx Shelly