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First Issue of 2016!

Hi there! 

Thank you so much for supporting Model View Culture in a fresh new year! We're so excited to share our brand new, and first issue of 2016! 

In this issue, you'll find articles on: 

* the culture behind our fears of "killer robots" and malicious AI

* transmisogyny in the tech interviewing process

* safety, community and anonymity in BDSM apps 

* practical strategies for acknowledging the role of non-coders in open source

* a critique of White Feminism in the tech diversity movement

* a look at "building awareness" for women in tech: is it really working? 

Plus, research on the core beliefs keeping marginalized people out of tech, and in our news section, a critical write-up on game jams -- exploring ableism, corporatization and free labor

And: so far this year, Fund Club (our joint initiative with AlterConf) has raised over $9000 for #INeedDiverseGames, in our most successful month so far! Thanks to everyone who donated, and thanks to YOU, our Patrons, for supporting the behind-the-scenes work that goes into Fund Club. 

We're already working hard on our next issue, which will be out in a few weeks. We're also busy promoting our subscription drive! If you haven't subscribed to our 2016 series yet, definitely check it out and spread the word.

Thanks for everything, and we're really looking forward to another great year of publishing!