Well, iv got to say what a difference in time between the first version and this on. I remember patiently printing over 60 laminated parts, aligning them, welding them over 3 weeks and then constantly filling and sanding to smooth out the laminate lines. This version I printed it over Sunday and Monday. I was finished and tweaking the design as I went (I have one ankle with only detail on the front which I might reprint). With a clear run I think I can print both legs in under a week, assembled with all the holes in place, cable runs and the channel for the foot lock bar. Really enjoyed pleased. I've also printed at .3 10% infill and 2 layers, so the minimum I can get away with to test the strength. It's strong! I can sit on one leg (220lb) no flex. Overall great!! Will release the files to Patreons this week, and publicly probably the week after but any issues please let me know. All cut for 200 x 200 beds. For ABS obviously need a heated bed and a good enclosure.