First look at Grrrwolf's "The Worst Curse" comic!...

The adventurers knew they shouldn't have gone poking around in the dungeon of the infamous sexromancer, Wurst the Worst, but they just couldn't help themselves. Now they've contracted the worst. Curse. Ever.

Meet Gharn the Gnoll (pronounced Harn; the G is silent. You wouldn't say "Guh-noll" would you?). He's a sissy and a cleric, and a not too shabby one at that. Nevertheless, he's probably the most cultured and fussy gnoll you've ever met.

Then there's Kadagon the Kobold. Don't look at me like that, the K's are just a coincidence. Anyways, Kadagon's a barbarain. A really cranky, pissed off barbarian. Who knew?

So, what happens when they get cursed? Like, horribly, ironically, cursed?

You know how barbarians require rage for their power? And how clerics require faith for theirs? Well, these two got cursed so damn hard that the two of them are now magickally tied together to the point where the barbarian's rage comes from sexual, pent-up lust (like...wetter than a mermaid in heat kind of horny), and the cleric's power comes from cumming. Literally cumming. So sex powers the cleric's magick, while at the same time sex drains the barbarian's power. Got it?

Take a moment to just think about that. What the hell would you do if you were knotted together with such sexromancy?

What would they do if brawn was needed to escape a dungeon trap, but they just had sex that morning? What fate would they meet if their foe was a necromancer, but it has been two nights since the pair has been able to mate?

Oh yeah, and beating off or getting it on with others? That doesn't work either. It's a curse, remember? Bloody hell.

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