First major 100DOS 2.0 milestone crossed!
With the release of the new betas, which can be found here,  we've entered the next step in 100DOS 2.0.

Now, you're probably wondering what this means. It's the first big jump to moving Halo Mythic onto the new 100DOS 2.0 system, it's the big balancing update for the entire system, and major work and many hours have been put into the 100DOS World War 1 handbook.

Now, the World War 1 handbook is monstrous. It's scary large, hundreds and hundreds of hours are being put into this book, and it's finally shaping up. The first big milestone of this book has been stepped over; I've finished all of the weaponry for every nationality. It's a big milestone if you could see the absolute ridiculous size of this list. 18 pages of weapons tables. That's without the possible modifications you can make.

Mythic's transfer to the new system will be length. It will be pretty dang ridiculous, honestly. It will be worth it. That one will take time. I could even see it taking us till Summer. It's to the point where I will be creating multiple word documents for others to help me within the community, who will be compensated for their help. I won't be able to promise much, but their work is greatly appreciated.

I just wanted everyone to know how excited I am with the progress made. It's currently 5am as I type this. I've worked 8 hours at my crummy minimum wage job, and just sank in another 5 hours into the books and handling all the upcoming material. Just to let you know my general timeframe of job/job/sleep that I sometimes pull to try and get the most out of my work in a day. It's a labor of love. and sleep deprivation. 


We're also gonna need to decide what the storytelling splatbook will be for. That will be coming up soon, as well. Keep an eye out.

Thanks everyone!