First Merch to be Created
Hey! Welcome to our patreon page. 

As we are just starting to create our idea, we will only talk about what we can for now. This is on planing stage and we want to get support from whoever likes our idea and agrees that we must help. 

As soon as we hit the mark to start the production of our merch, you will be the first ones to know. 

We hope that you help us reach our goals and keep supporting our idea, so that we can help this world by making it more green.

Here in this post are the first pieces of merch to be produced, and in the future there will be more colors available. (Note: The images are from the company of production choosed by us, so this are only examples and are photoshoped with our logo)

If you like our idea and our merch, share our patreon page with your friends and help us reach our goals faster!

Until next post! Which will be soon! :)