FIRST Mid-Marriage Encouragement Video!
We've chosen to talk about making new connections in our first mid-marriage encouragement video... 


Because making other couple-friends - new friends, or growing friendships- is so hard in the middle of marriage... But having friends is important for your health. And your meaning-filled life!

Being in a friendship with other couples is a wonderful way to learn and grow. Yes. Friendships are a healthy part of a meaningful life.

Check out "Two Plus Two: Couples and Their Couple Friendships"  by psychologists Geoffrey L. Greif  and Kathleen Holtz Deal, if you want to learn more about making friends with other couples. (affiliate link).

There's more...

We've created more to help you make friends in the middle of marriage. 

There are two documents to print: a checklist of 14 things to do to make friends, and an accountability sheet. (look at the top of this page just below the video.)

For this FIRST video - we want you to see everything that we've prepared! 

This is something new... we have created a private Facebook group  for those who feel prompted to become sponsors - it's a place we can check in with each other to see how it's working!  We will be doing this challenge also!

Thank you so much! We truly appreciate you and are honored with your support.

A review of the book I mentioned in the video is on 

See you next week!