First Milestone Reached!
Hi, everyone!

Great news! With your support and contributions, our first Patreon milestone goal of $50 a month has been reached! YEAH!!

It's a great opportunity to finally get a subscription for the Adobe Creative Suite and all its assets. I feel like I thank you guys in every post I make but I'm just very grateful for your guys' continuous support! Thank you!

Next milestone is a bit smaller, but still something that would benefit me a lot with my digital work:

Lazy Nezumi Pro  is a script for Photoshop that allows pen stroke and pressure smoothing with many, many customization options that make working digitally a much efficient and strenuous process.

Lazy Nezumi would be a one time purchase of $35 instead of a monthly subscription, but I will still need the help of my patrons to get to that goal! (This means any additional pledges made past the $50 milestone will be accumulated and kept track on a monthly basis until it totals to the $35 purchase cost).

 So once again, thank you from deep in my heart. You're the best! 


Ena K.