First Milestone Reached + Changes

First Milestone Reached:

Thanks to my awesome Patrons, the first Patreon milestone has been reached and I'm able take care of a monthly college fund, so no need to worry about relying on commissions (I'll discuss commissions later). Which means... SitF and all my other comics shall make a return as long as we're working alongside with the milestone.

The plan right now is to focus on Proposal, SitF, and I:EW. The former is just about done since it's more of a side story. Once Proposal is finished, Rainshine will take its place. 


Truth me told, I'm STILL oh so conflicted regarding commissions... and honestly judging by how March is nearly over, it's feels rather late to move them to Patreon. So I'll be doing Paypal commissions again. My only issue is that next month will be my finals and it'll be very hard to manage commissions without having a monthly schedule... all I'm asking is that I hope the wait and delay won't bother anyone because the last thing I want is to take so long to work on commissions.

I will think of another tier higher than $20... just really think the commissions moving was a bit rash on my part despite being aware of the consequences.

And since I'll be taking down Patreon-only commissions, I'll decrease the second milestone for streams to $200.

Other than that, thanks for reading peps!