First Month Down!
So we've been at this for almost a month now, and look at how far we've come!

We've got a sweet website -

We've got 7 Patrons donating $60 a month! [Thank you so much!]

We've done a ~24hr Patreon drive on our Twitch channel, which now has 120 followers!

We've reached over 5k RSS feed hits on our Podcasts, and approaching 1k total plays off the Podbean website directly!

We're only $40 away from our next goal, Uknit's cooking show, and we're working on some SECRET PROJECTS that will hopefully get us some more support towards that, and other, goals!

Also - and this is BIG NEWS! - Senstaku is going to Desert Bus this year! Desert Bus for Hope is an annual charity put on by the internet  comedy powerhouse Loading Ready Run for the Child's Play charity, and Senstaku is going to be heading up there for a week and a half in November to work on the Broadcast team. It's super exciting, and we thank you for all of the support!