First Month on Patreon!
My first ever month on Patreon!  Woo!  Much thanks to my patrons who jumped on board right from the start... all one of you. XD No seriously, it means a lot. It may not seem like much, but it's actually a much better start than I was expecting so soon, so thank you! We've got a little ways to go before we reach our funding goals, but you know what they say about Rome.  ...Actually, they say a lot of things about Rome, don't they? I was referring to the bit about it not being built in a day.

But anyhoo, with no further blah blah, thanks again! The "thank you" page has already been updated, sketch-level patrons may begin making sketch requests (leave a comment or send a message), and I plan to send out January's collectible postcard as well as have February's design ready by the 15th of the month. And as always, be sure to share Aww, Feathers! with friends and family. Your support helps me keep making new pages! Have a great new year!