First Month & Tier Reward Changes
My first month on Patreon is almost over! I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to my patrons! I really truly appreciate it. ♥ 

Just before we reach the start of the billing cycle I wanted to make you aware that I have tweaked the reward tiers so that some of the rewards available on the $3 tier are now available on the $1 tier (mainly access to the Patreon only feed). 

Rewards that remain exclusive to the $3 tier (& up) are access to the Patreon only sketch requests & art walk-throughs.

I am making you aware of this before the billing cycle in case you need/want to drop your pledge down to $1 per month before you are charged - however please note that you WILL NOT receive the one-off inked thank you request sketch by e-mail that is only available to July $3+ tier pledges once their payment clears in August!  (Which is on top of your other rewards!) 

If you want to decrease your pledge per month going forwards I will totally understand - I appreciate every bit of support I get no matter the amount!

I hope to be posting previews of the upcoming August rewards over the next few days! :)