First monthly illustration
I've been enjoying the concept art as much as you, and it's fed back into my writing new words for Farlost (and soon other worlds). 

With that in mind, I'm commissioning regular illustrations, fully rendered paintings or digital art of some scene, environments or character to help me create a deeper experience for me to write in and you to read in!

I'll provide flash fiction, or a spoiler, or some historical context to the images as an added clue about what's unfolding in Farlost, and I'll do the same down the road for other illustrations. These will be going out to all patrons at the $5 'fancy cup of coffee' level. 

So here's a tease of what's being created in illustration each month, and of what will be revealed about future stories. The crop at the top of this post is from a painting of Admiral Hallis Robison, founder of the System Guard. The photo it's a part of hangs in the Guard Acadamy facilities, orbiting the planet Kesh, showing a key moment in the evolution of the Guard.

Back soon with this week's episode!

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