First Monthly game-plan: October.
I want to create monthly and weekly game-plans to budget time and projects.

Welcome to the first.

Firstly: What I've been doing.

In a nutshell:

Gaming let's plays


And managing Zero Friction.

I've got a couple Guild Wars 2 dungeon playthroughs already recorded to upload in the next couple days. I'm also focusing right now on finishing eps. 2-4 of "Life Is Strange" in preparation for the release of eps. 5(the finale).

Zero Friction is on semi-automatic at the moment: my main focus is attracting new writers. I've determined that my number 1 priority right now is to increase content. We lost a core writer and that has been a small hit to the site, but it's still moving forward.

I've been working the hardest on my photography lately.

Many may not like to read stuff like this, but it's very important to have a solid head on ones shoulders. It takes commitment, consistency and persistence. It takes work to accomplish projects. Much of that can be not readily seen from a viewer perspective, but also there's a limit. There HAS to be a result, otherwise I'm spinning my wheels and waisting your time. Because the opposite of what I'm saying is "talk is cheap" and you just gotta "Do it". It's a balance. The planning should actually be work and be affecting the creation and not just a pipedream someone makes up and says stuff.

I'm always trying to better budget my time, get projects out and reduce nonsense.

You can expect some Guild Wars 2 and 7 Days to Die videos over the course of the next few days.

After that, I'm trying to get the next Life Is Strange videos out.

I also wanted your feedback about the next few releases. What would you prefer to see?

I'm setup to revisit Runes of Magic.

I could do more Guild Wars 2 plays.

There's Age of Wushu I could revisit as well.

And of course, around 300 different Steam games.