First Monthly Sketch Jam is Done!
Thank you to everyone who participated in the 1st ever Monthly Sketch Jam! I loved drawing for you guys, and really enjoyed the variety there was for me to draw. I will be scanning in the last two I have done (after I have some lunch!), emailing pledging Patrons their sketch,  and contacting those who were interested in having their original sketch mailed to them. 

March's Sketch Jam dates will be announced at the very least a week in advance like this one. But more likely once I look at March's schedule I can decide which weekend to do it and make the announcement as soon as I know.

And guys!! Tomorrow is the last day of the month - so that means End of the Month Giveaway winner will be announced!! This, has been a busy weekend!

Now, feedback. Let me know what you guys liked or did not like about the Sketch Jam. This was my first time doing it, and I'd say it went pretty smoothly, but I always want to know what you guys thought, so we can evolve this Patreon program and the Sketch Jam to the best of my ability. :)