First Night Out the Den.
So here I am in a tiny club waiting for my new favorite band to start. Its my first night intentionally getting some time without baby wince she wqs born. Thats right, shes gonna have to go most of the night without me! It's a small club maybe like 100 people tops. Still only 8.50 so were not due for another hour or so... Its the San Francisco bathhouse. Ironically named considering I'm in New Zealand. Last time i was here was for DJ.Krush, but this time I'm here to see Ratatat. Working up to buying the CD. Just scoping things out to see if someone I know is here. I actually bumped into a old friend just as I got to the door, but he was heading home. About 6 years ago I was trying to pursue a relationship with him- now he is a stunning young girl. Funny how things work out, huh. But here I am now. Waiting, excited, gussied down to my kitty jumper. Skinny jeans and my blue Dragon Ball Z t-shirt. Im glad for my phone. I cant wait to dance. Nervous cause it's been years since I did some major at a club. But most of all im just happy to have a moment of freedom. I feel like my own right now. In this moment I'm not being a mom or a wife. I'm not being an artist or an entrepreneur. I'm a no one, just chilling against a wall. Hnmmm... I guess just wish me luck guys. Love, Nai.