First of all...WOW! and thank you
I had absolutely no idea what to expect when I hit the launch button last night. One Facebook message, one Tweet...just dipping my toe in the water. Then I realised I was starting to get a tension headache (probably from rewriting the launch page twenty-three times) and went straight to bed before the brain cell burned out completely.

This morning, I logged in and there you all were! Amazing! You have no idea what an amazing boost this has given me.

For those of you who are due the physical print with the thank you note, I will be sending them out during the first week of September. I know I’ve said that I’ll send you one of *my* favourites, but if you would like any band or artist in particular, please tell me and I’ll make sure you get what you want. I can certainly guess for at least a couple of you, but I don’t want to assume! :)

The wall of fame page is up at

Thank you again, you rock.