First official Seventh String Recordings!
Hey y'all,

Here they are - the first official Seventh String recordings. :D Recorded by my high school friend Thomas Avent, in his living room, back in my hometown of Fountain Valley, California. 

There's three of them - Stirrings (the first song Laura and I have co-written together), On The Wings Of A Skorrie (a cover of an Alasdair Fraser cover), and Ocean Song.  I'm on banjo, doumbek, guitar, and vocals; Laura's on fiddle. We thew them down in an afternoon/early evening a few days before Christmas.

I'm putting them up here publicly, which feels good and marks a definite decision I'm making as an artist: to have all the music I make publicly available, for free.

It's taken me awhile to fully claim that choice, not in the least because of a fear-story I've been running in my head. I've been worried that, if I make my music publicly available, what reason will people have to support me and my work? "Access to everything I make" is currently THE thing you get as a $5 or above Patron; what "motive," then, will replace that level of support if I put the music out there for everyone?

I'm not sure yet, and I want your input, patrons. Whether in a comment on here publicly or in a private message, let me know if you have thoughts/opinions/desires on this topic. I'm well aware that this decision is changing the game of this Patreon a little bit - and, I'm imagining that it's a decision that most of you will support (if you haven't encouraged me towards it already).

And I'm remembering something lots of people keep telling me - many of you, it seems, don't entirely care what you receive in exchange for your support. Sure, you like the stuff, but you're flexible too, and the most important priority seems to be that the art gets made regardless. So that's what I'm doing. Making the art, and putting it out there for anyone who wants it to see.

My vision is blurring from exhaustion, and there's soon to be a community viewing of Labyrinth at the house I'm staying at in Ashland this week. But look for to the digital version of Leaves on here in the next couple days. And patrons still waiting for your physical copy....I addressed a whole bunch of padded envelopes today. :D

More soon!

Love from Oregon,


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