First official update!
Hello! As easter weekend rolls on i thought it was a good idea to post a little bit of an update and throw some new content your way. First up, i've added a new support tier to the rewards page for full beta access to every single story or book i write going forward. I've just uploaded the complete manuscript for FAN FEARS 2 to kick things off on there and part two of I WAS JACK THE RIPPER is going up TOMORROW for your reading pleasure.

For those of you with early access, you will have already received one complete story from FAN FEARS 2 and will now have an exclusive complete first draft screenplay i've written for CABIN FEVER (as seen in Funhouse) which i'll be hoping to push into production a little further down the line. 

I'll be back to update more soon, but as always would love to hear your feedback on any of the content i've uploaded. until then have fun and dont eat too much chocolate tomorrow! :)