First Patron Poem!
Thanks so much for getting us to $25/month. I know the logic is usually "wait for payments to clear" but y'know, I'm not gonna waste this moment. Let's celebrate your signups while they're fresh! \o/

So: here! A timely moment for a timely poem - 'tis the season. Written this time of year in 2015, previously unpublished. Image above is a photo I took last weekend, run through a Prisma filter.

[Public as of: 10/30/17]

November, Untitled

Everything is luminous under the dark:

dead things glowing in skeletal fingers,

wet stone sky, stacked against the cold

sharp teeth already sawing at your bones.

The wind carries a promise, a malediction:

your joys will tarnish, your comfort mildew

inside its stagnant kettle, even your sorrows

icing over, cracked, and yet, and yet

everything is luminous under the dark.