The First Pirates vs. Dragons Album Cover
Pirates vs. Dragons was a project that took several years to create. I asked Rie Sheridan Rose to write some lyrics for me while I was still living in Austin, Texas. 

During that time, I was chatting with my artist friend, Amanda Carman. She was in college and wanted to make an album cover for a class. I needed a cover, so I asked her to make one. This what she came up with.

I love design. In fact, looking at it now, I'm almost disappointed I didn't use the cover. Her dragons are fantastic, and I LOVE the airship.

However, this cover was designed for Murphy. Even though it lists my name, it was originally supposed to have Murphy's on it. The darker, sepia-toned colors were supposed to be more appropriate for him.

In fact, one of my plans was to release the album under two different names. My wanted to use the instrument tracks that I had, and added Murphy's vocals on top.

I still haven't ruled out that idea... but it's definitely less likely now.

The only problem is that I don't think Amanda has the original graphics any more so to change the name from Marc Gunn to Captain Black Jack Murphy, Air Pirate Extraordinaire!