First playtest for 'MUG KNIGHT' is coming soon!
Hey everyone! I am almost done with the battle system for the game! Woo! With the help of Mug Knight, I have managed to set up the fight system! All that is left now is tweaking the system a bit. After that comes the rest of Mug Knight's attacks, and we're golden!

Thank you all so much for your patience! For all of your support, playtests for the Mug Knight battle will be PATREON EXCLUSIVE! You guys will be able to play the test fight and provide insight on possible bugs or issues with the engine! I have also decided that Mug Knight will indeed make an appearance in the final game as an easter egg. SO people on the blog won't miss out, but hey, you guys still get first dibs months in advance!

I will try to get the test file on here by THIS SUNDAY, so I hope to see you then!

Thanks for your support!