Hey there all!

I wanted to take a moment to send you all a message to give you some exciting news about the state of the first part of the Edge of Eventide. Two weeks ago, at the Garycon convention in Lake Geneva, I ran the first ever playtest of the adventure!

I am happy to report that the game went great! I took copious notes about the things I want to change or alter to make them a bit more user friendly, but  the players really seemed to enjoy the experience and really got into character. 

I knew things were going to be great when the player taking on the role of Renmar refused to even look at Valtirus' player for the entire first scene. I am hoping to post up a few other observations here in the near future, but those will be for GMs only, as they contain some spoilers. 

I am still working on the first adventure, putting it into actual adventure text is one of the last things I need to do on this first part. Its been a long winding road to get things started, but I am genuinely excited to see it coming together. 

And it is all thanks to you for supporting me!