The first plugin with a guide: Custom Vehicles
Hi guys. Here comes the first plugin with a introductory tutorial, the Custom Vehicles. This plugin allows you to create new vehicles besides the 3 default ones. You have many customizing options, that range from the passability settings to wich enemies you will fight while driving. You can make land vehicles to pass through dangerous terrain, ships that can be boarded or landing only on certain places, ballons that don't cross mountains, even airships with battles that are different from the ones you fight on land. There are a lot of options to make you vehicles.

Also any feedback on the introductory guide is welcome. Remember that it's just a basic use guide so it just aimed at have the basic functions of the plugin working. From now all plugins will have a basic guide like this, and I will slowy make the same for the plugins already released.

Plugins updated:
Basic Module: new functions to work with the custom vehicles.