First post!
I have promised to talk on most interesting and topical subjects. So, here is Number One! If you will try to watch/read our Federal media or look into the latest sociological questionnaire results, you will learn that most Russians are not interested in the current exchange Rates of the currency. IT IS NOT TRUE! Many working people (me too) try to follow it online. We check it once an hour (sometimes even twice). Last year, 17 December we have checked it once in 5 minutes. That day rates skyrocketed to more than 115 rubles for 1 Euro and almost 100 for 1 dollar. That day we all felt Despair! Many people lost great amount of money on differences of exchange rates. My family, for example, lost almost 50 000$ of our savings (we have just sold Part (if you will want I’ll make a post on the subject of why only part) and didn’t have time to exchange it to dollars or euros. Some people decided to spend all of their money (if it was rubles) to buy some expensive stuff. I, myself, bought two notebooks (although I was going to buy them anyway, because my son accidently destroyed the one, my wife used). In all Moscow Ikeas and M-Videos (the biggest Russian retailer of Electronics and household appliances), there were hours-long queues. Some people decided to buy currency, so that most of Moscow banks had to close of their exchange offices. So, it was real chaos! Then everything had changed. The e-rate dropped to a point near 75r/1e and 68/1$. Those who changed their rubles became almost broke. Those who spent their money now had expensive stuff and some problems with getting food. Now the prices for everything are gradually growing. No one is certain in the future. People are losing their work… Crisis… P.S. Forgot to tell you one very important thing. There are people in Russia who has Mortgage apartment. And this mortgage is in dollars. I think that there is no need to explain the gravety of there situation.