First post!
For my first post I'd like to show you all how my Comstock Elizabeth cosplay has progressed! I didn't make this myself (obviously... lol) but I did do little things like put together the choker, and the thimble, which is a huge pain in the butt to keep on! I also plan on adding the black stripes to the corset eventually, I just have to figure out how without messing it up. 

First pic, Philly Comic Con maybe 2014? I'm not exactly sure. But it was my first time cosplaying... I didn't even think to get a wig and just used my own hair... it didn't look very pretty. Also didn't have a real corset. 

This is pretty recent (my bathroom, 2017), but I still didn't have a decent corset, and apparently it looked upside down to a lot of people... it wasn't.... it was just cheap.

Also featuring one of my cockatiels, Isabela. Yes, she is a real live bird. 

My most recent cosplay at Ikkicon 2017! I LOVE this picture, the lighting is gorgeous! A small detail, but I also added fake nails. I thought it would make it look more polished, but it was very strange wearing them for the first time. 

Hope you like it! More posts soon!